OntoPilot Workshop Info

Software Integrity Assessment Workshop
Build your own tool for ensuring fault-free, secure software systems

Software Integrity Assessment (SIA) shows participants how to detect and remove all bugs, vulnerabilities, or faults from all the software on which their mission or enterprise depends.

Participants develop their own SIA tool. It automatically inspects all computer code involved in any usage scenario. It accelerates problem resolution by producing near-instantaneous responses to user questions such as: a) This output is wrong. What caused it? b) This error message appeared. What was the root cause? and c) This program aborted. Why?

The SIA capability will enable software maintenance and development personnel in industry and government to achieve fault-free software and systems. They can reduce vulnerability to uncontrolled changes and cyber-attacks and increase the Operational Availability of their systems while reducing the cost and cycle time of their projects.

Interested personnel can become SIA competent in a few hours per week for 13 weeks or less. Each workshop is limited to 8 participants. Each client should commit at least two participants.

Learn from a trustworthy source. We are in the business of making clients exemplary in producing certified software quality. Each OntoPilot member has produced successful software systems for 50+ years.

Act now:
Leverage Low Risk, High ROI opportunity to ensure user satisfaction with large, complex, changing systems.
Be able to describe SIA purpose, method, ways of automating and caveats.
Experience manual application of SIA.
Experience prototyping your proprietary tool for automating SIA.

First session of 8 participants starts June 2, 2016. Please utilize the contact page for more information or download